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Us At Home: Pandemic Sessions

Nearly one year into the pandemic, join Raygen Samone in a 2021 version of the infamous 2020 session "Us At Home".

The $150 socially-distanced 15 minute session at your home includes:

-A wide shot of the home with family hanging out

-A wide shot of the home with family close together

-A close shot of the family sitting -A close shot of the family standing

-A wide shot of the family standing

-A shot of the children together

-A shot of each child

-A shot of the parent(s)

-Includes high quality digital images, direct access to printing store, and FREE 8x10 mailed to you!

-Photos received online within 3 days!



“Our experience with Raygen was awesome. So sweet, fun and relaxed. Raygen brings great energy and directs you well. She was fun, creative, loved the questions she asked, the kids responded so well!”

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Dates + Times updated as bookings are made. Appointment may be rescheduled based on poor weather conditions at no additional cost.

A confirmed time will be sent to you based upon availability and location.