the films i make are unique because they exist to, secretly, give context to images.

take a look at some of the stories i've told.

A New Thing w/ Traci O'Neal

A woman's journey into the unexpected realities of Breast Cancer.

Act Six 2022 Convention

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Las Estrellas Elementary

August 2022 x Celebrating School's Name Change

Girls on the Run Summit

June 2022 x National Conference in Minneapolis, MN

Darius's Grad Party

June 2022 x With the Givance Family

GG's 88th Birthday

June 2022 x With the Mencel Family

Alexander Levi's Adoption Party

May 2022 x For the Bailey Family

Tia Faith's Adoption Ceremony

May 2022 x For the Chavo Family

How To Make It Home

August 2021 x With Degrees of Change

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A Moment of Lament

August 2021 x For Degrees of Change

For Kids Like Us

August 2021 x With Inverted Arts

Antioch Ministries

July 2021 x For Antioch Ministries

Trev's Grad Party

June 2021 x For Johnson Family

Ryan & Hannah

June 2021 x For Ryan and Hannah

Dear 2020: New Years Eve Show

December 2020 x With Inverted Arts

Matthew & Alicha

September 2021 x Wedding in Minneapolis

Tara + Chauncee

September 2017 x Wedding in Minneapolis


For My Children's Book and Board Game!

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