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That all would have a people and place to return, to be reminded of the good gift they are.


Making culture through images, spaces, and original content that sparks wonder, delight, wisdom and gratitude.



We believe in having a spirit of creativity and curiosity.

-Matthew 19:14-


We believe all were made to delight and be delighted in.

-Zephaniah 3:17-


We believe in making intentional and life-giving choices.

-Ecclesiastes 12:1-


We believe in being thankful for all we have, and don't.

-Philippians 4:6-

Hey friend!

I believe in good gifts. 

That they exist to make us better, to bring us joy, and to tell us of a really good God.

The kind of God that makes things on purpose.

You see, good gifts are not earned, but are meant to be cared for and cultivated as if they were.

Family is one of these good gifts.

Home is one of these good gifts, too.

We come back to family and home time and time again to remind ourselves of who we are, why we are, and how we could be.

Seeing ourselves framed on walls, displayed on mantels and saved as backgrounds reminds us of what a good gift we have in one another.

Let’s frame your good gifts.

Raygen Samone's Protests

In response to the death of George Floyd, black men, women and children partnered with me to create a three-phased photo series that sought to protest the public imagination of black bodies - as one, instead to be celebrated, protected and humanized.

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Lundberg Family

Lundberg Family

I feel like I can’t say adequately enough how much she made the whole experience amazing! I will shout praises and recommend Raygen to anyone and everyone. Raygen is so talented and her personality is perfect for the job. She makes people feel so good, and she is amazing with kids!! She truly gave us what we were looking for and that was moments of joy and memories to remember forever.

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