hey there!

you know, having a family photographer is good, but having me as a family photographer is just asking for a good time.

a bethel university graduate, most of my time is spent asking big questions and finding their answers in morning cups of coffee, laughs with strangers in grocery store lines, and in the retelling of stories at thanksgiving tables. made up of curiosity and ginger ale, there are few things that bring more joy to me than home. watching re-runs of the office, this is us and brown sugar is a close second, but nothing like home.

i hope your walls, mantels and backgrounds are covered with memories that prove years of faithfulness and cultivation.

so, if you're up to celebrate the good gifts God has given you, i know a gal who makes some good photos.


“I feel like I can’t say adequately enough how much she made the whole experience amazing! I will shout praises and recommend Raygen to anyone and everyone. Raygen is so talented and her personality is perfect for the job. She makes people feel so good, and she is amazing with kids!! She truly gave us what we were looking for and that was moments of joy and memories to remember forever.”

“I can't tell you how many "OH MY GOD" moments we had while looking through our photos! This is way better than I expected. The best photos were the real moments you caught in between the ones we were actually trying to take! Thank you, Raygen!”