hello! i'm raygen samone

whether home, work, a court, a studio, a gym, a shop, a kitchen, a country or a block, i believe we should have a people and place that we're excited to return to over and over again.

i'm thrilled to co-create both an experience and images to help you remember, and invite you into knowing, where your "here" is.

a little about me? well, some say I'm 26 going on 56. i love the process of coffee, Sprite from McDonalds, my little dog Potato, being a Believer, the Wolves (read: the Warriors), This is Us, my neighbors, all that comes with being Black in America, C. S. Lewis, tattoos, Minnesota lakes, making board games, Pathos plants, my family, writing, and Sour Patch Kids. Love me some Sour Patch Kids. Feel free to use any of these facts to bond with me when we meet!

for more info about photo and video services in Atlanta, shoot me a message in the contact tab above. can't wait to tell the story of where you belong.

xo, raygen


that all would have a people and place to belong


sparking culture of belonging by creating and displaying images


you belong here