We All Know This Year is One for the Books.

Before ringing in the new year, make a point to capture life exactly as it's been this year: half-dressed zoom calls, messy play rooms, many dirtied coffee mugs and wine glasses, and somehow a hug to spare! I'll come into your space for two hours to document the warmest, silliest, mundane, boring and messiest.

There can be many ways to plan this session, such as combining:

-Morning routine: Jammies, breakfast, brushing teeth and diaper changes, morning jogs

-Work & School: People in different parts of the house, coloring sheets, sitting outside

-Afternoon Walk: Take a break from the calls and pull out a bike, scooter or chalk

-Afternoon Activity: Playing at the park, Creating crafts or making a mess in the backyard

-Etc. What ideas do you have?! What do you enjoy doing together? Apart? In different rooms?!

Two Hours | $350


-30 Minute Pre-Planning Session via Zoom

-Two Hours Day of Shooting at Your Home

-In Person Reveal of Your Gallery (At My Studio or Your Home)

-Private Online Gallery with Print Options

-INCLUDES 10x10 Coffee Table Album of Session Images

-Additional Purchase Option: 3 Minute Heirloom Video of the Day


Is this kind of session right for me?

If you have kept images on your walls for years or want to make a new habit of it, and value having someone with a trained eye for nostalgia, yes, this is the kind of session for you!

My family is boring. What would you even make pictures of?

In our pre-planning session, we will work together to tease apart what makes your family just that - your family! What may seem boring while amidst it, in hindsight can be the best year of many. Partnering with Raygen Samone will give a much needed perspective shift toward delight, wonder, wisdom and gratitude.

Do we have to dress fancy?

This depends, but preferably.. no! The beauty of documentary is that we're creating images that will matter to you, your children, and theirs, and theirs. The more reality, the better. What if you saw images of your family from 100 years ago and they were presenting themselves as anything but how they actually were? It'd be a bit of a bummer! So we wear jammies for the great grand-babies. You're welcome, great grand-babies.

Why $350?

I take my craft quite seriously and maintain a respectable price for those that both value the work and desire the experience. The $350 breaks down into: $100/ Shooting hour, $100 per editing hour, $50 for traveling fees, photo reveal snacks, and album creation and shipment! Feel free to reach out if you're in need of or would like to offer scholarship to the Gordon Fund!

It's still COVID. So.

I'll be in a mask throughout our entire session so as to protect myself, your family, and those I'll serve after yours! Please be honest about your family's symptoms as your date approaches and I will simply rain check the session. Should I test positive, I will let you know ASAP and rain check your session! Let's protect each other! (:

Do we HAVVVE to stay in the house?

NOPE! In your pre-planning session we'll come up with a unique experience just for your family, whether that be as-is at home, or an adventure day somewhere else! (Just leave room for me in the minivan!)

What's the process?

-Fill out the form below

-Choose Between Three Dates offered by Raygen Samone

-Pay $100 Deposit

-Pre-Planning Session via Zoom

-Day Of Session

-Wait About Two Weeks in Anticipation!!!

-Reveal Party at your House! Raygen Samone will provide the snacks, slideshow, video (if purchased) and photo album!

-Access to your Online Gallery to make further purchases!

What's it like working with Raygen Samone?

"She went OVER AND ABOVE my expectations. She has an absolute gift with children. It can be stressful doing family photos when you have young children. Of course that will be the day your kids act like they aren’t raised right! But Raygen is patient and doesn’t make you feel rushed when you need to pause to tend to the kids."

-Emma O

"Omg I love Raygen so hard."

-Jean M

Not Convinced?

Ready? Let's Do It!

If you're ready to freeze the mundane and cultivate your home towards delight, wonder, wisdom and gratitude, fill out the form below to get started! Raygen Samone will come up with three potential dates and, upon your confirmation, send an invoice and contract, select a time for a planning and reveal session -- and that's it!

REFERRAL! For every person that you refer and books, you receive 50 FREE Holiday cards by November 1st!

Vincent Ave N Neighborhood: If five families book before Oct 1, each family will receive a FREE framed 8x10!

This will determine the following information you receive!

May select more than one. Three days and times will be presented to you upon the completion of this form.

May select more than one. Three days and times will be presented to you upon the completion of this form.

May select more than one. Three days and times will be presented to you upon the completion of this form. Raygen Samone is a natural light photographer and will not shoot past sunset for the sake of quality images.